Policy for PlusBase's sellers

For PlusBase, Sellers do not have to contact Buyers directly. After the Sellers receive orders, PlusBase’s operation team will fulfill orders and support Buyers directly for all inquiries related to their orders.
Buyers can make changes to their orders (e.g.: color, size) or cancel orders within 6 hours from the time an order was created.
For canceled orders, the reimbursements/non-reimbursements for the Sellers will be made in accordance with the Policy for PlusBase's Sellers and the order status.
If a Buyer files a claim for an order, Sellers or PlusBase shall be held responsible. Order profit will or will not be deducted/withdrawn from Seller’s Balance on a case-by-case basis.
A. Qualifying cases in which a Seller’s order profit is not deducted and PlusBase assumes responsibility
Once an order has been fulfilled, PlusBase will directly contact the Buyer and partially or fully refund the Buyer without deducting the Seller’s order profit in the following cases:
Cases in which PlusBase assumes responsibility to the Buyer will be further detailed in Policy for PlusBase’s Buyer.
B. Cases in which order profit is deducted
Order profit and payment fee (if any) will be deducted when PlusBase refunds the Buyer in the following cases (The deducted amount will be charged directly to the PlusBase Balance. If the Balance is negative, the amount will be directly charged to the credit card linked to the PlusBase Balance):
For additional assistance or information, the Seller can contact PlusBase via Live Chat or email.
C. Additional notes

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